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I got awesome bonus material from my mixer and artist, and I'm really excited that I finally get to share it with everyone!

fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] beingothrwrldly

[click the graphic to download]

(The tracklisting does contain quotes which could be slightly spoilery for the fic. If you'd rather go into with no knowledge beforehand, I suggest you read the fic before going any further!)

one the widow's peak dashboard confessional
we're stronger than before the strain had broken us
| and there is fight in us, i know

She says, "I'm leaving," in a way that makes Spencer feel like there's
nothing he can do to stop her. Her mind is made up. She doesn't give
an explanation, and he doesn't ask.

two don't be afraid to sing stars
your quiet eyes, your mouth that never tells lies |
you've got one hour | it's time you told your story

"You, talk." Brendon says. "I'm not starting this movie back up until
you say something that isn't, 'Go away, Brendon,' or, 'Shut up,

three we intertwined doug neumann
i wake up and i feel alone | i was just asleep |
right where i belong, inside this sad sad song

Spencer feels like maybe he should be thankful that Brendon's here,
trying to make him feel better or whatever the fuck he's doing, but
mostly Spencer just wants to be alone.

four keep breathing ingrid michaelson
all that i know is i'm breathing | all i can do is
keep breathing

It always feels like Brendon's trying to force some sense of normalcy
into Spencer's life where even Brendon doesn't think it belongs just
yet, but Spencer goes with it. It isn't so bad now, when Brendon's

five electric hearts cash cash
throw your hands to the sky like you're flying |
throw your hands in the air 'cause we'll shake it up

"Out, to a club or something. I don't know. I'm antsy. And since
we're both single and ready to mingle, I was thinking we could go

six do you love me? amanda jenssen
truth be told, simple and bold, i think you're
special | we can roll like a team | you know what i mean

The second kiss is all Brendon. He grabs Spencer by the shirt and
kisses him harder and faster, with a neediness that Spencer can feel
against his lips.

seven mr jones counting crows
i'm gonna paint my picture | paint myself in blue
and red and black and gray | all of the beautiful colors are very very

Brendon turns the radio on quietly and sings along under his breath
for a couple of songs before he starts fiddling with it and then turns
it off.

eight lights journey
so you think you're lonely | well, my friend, i'm
lonely too

Brendon shrugs and says, "It was boring. Anyway, the food came, and
then I really needed to listen to The White Album, right now, but I
was too lazy get up and put it in, so I just turned on the classic
rock station and thought, hey, maybe they'll play something I want to

nine west coast friendship owl city
when i wiped the tears from my eyes the warm water
took me by surprise | and i woke up beside the ocean and i realized |
i must be in california

"There are also these great inventions, airplanes and cars. Maybe
you've heard of them. Oh, hey, you could stay in our guest room,"
Brendon says. "We'll get you a nice air mattress. It'll be awesome."

ten one more chance danger: radio
if i told you that i'd change my ways | would you
give me one more chance?

"You think you do, and that's cool, but I don't want," Brendon says.
"Not like this." Spencer wants to ask what he means by like
, but Brendon's out the front door before he can question it.

eleven all we are matt nathanson
and in the end the words won't matter | 'cause in
the end nothing stays the same

Spencer misses spending time with Brendon, but he's trying to do what
Brendon wants, trying to make everything normal in the only way he
thinks he can. Avoidance makes everything so much better.

twelve if you would come back home william fitzsimmons
there's room left in the house | there's food still
in the pantry | i could fix you lunch | or take you out for

Maybe she's even out, out with friends exchanging gifts, out with some
new guy that one of her friends introduced her to to help her get over
Spencer. He hopes she's not out with some guy.

thirteen please ludo
please save this for me | i'll come back for you,
love | i promise to

Spencer hates Brendon right now, or he would, if he didn't want to
just make out with him and maybe hold his hand or something. It's
stupid, and Spencer's starting to feel pathetic. It's obvious that
Brendon's not interested, but he just can't let it go.

fourteen you're it halloween, alaska
well hello, little hellion | make yourself at home |
unpack and i'll just hush

Brendon is sleepy next to him. Brendon took him to dinner with their
married friends and ate off his plate almost the entire time. He
decided they should share dessert, and then he paid. Spencer supposes
that he could be reading the signs wrong, but he could also be reading
all of the signs right.

fifteen the call regina spektor
it started out as a feeling | which then grew into a
hope | which then turned into a quiet thought | which then turned into
a quiet word

"Brendon," Spencer says, almost in a whisper. "I want-" But Spencer
stops himself. He doesn't exactly know what he wants. He knows it's
not Haley. Not anymore.

sixteen if it kills me jason mraz
it would be such a beautiful moment to see the look
on your face | to know that i know that you know now

"The last thing I want is to fuck up what we do have. The last
thing I want, after that, is to be some rebound fling. I mean, as
much as you probably need someone to take your mind off Haley, I don't
know if I could handle that. Because, dude, you have no idea."

art by [livejournal.com profile] leatherteal

[click for bigger version]

onto the fic!
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