Dec. 11th, 2008

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Second prompt fic! IDK, friends locked. Whatever. It's not beta'd or anything. It just sort of It got away from me a little. /o\ It'd probably be even longer if I didn't fail at porn?

for [ profile] natacup82 who wanted brendon/spencer christmas fic, and also [ profile] fiddleyoumust who gave me the whole popcorn garland idea when I said I had no clue what to do about the whole christmas thing for these guys.
disclaimed: i do not own. this did not happen. sadly, brendon and spencer are probably not boyfriends irl. :(
i said this was too cute and Julia said that's not possible. I think she was WRONG, but. oh well.

I have developed an oddly in depth history for Brendon and Spencer. Sadly that is not included in this little fic. Sorry guys. :(

'You've got to be kidding me,' Spencer says. Brendon opens his eyes and looks up at Spencer. 'I was gone for 15 minutes, and you've already taken over the couch and fallen asleep?' )

uhm ...and then they had sex? the end! :D


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