Dec. 17th, 2008

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Make My Wish Come True
Brendon and Spencer make popcorn garland?
disclaimed: I don't own them. It'd be really amazing if this was happening as we speak, but I highly doubt it.
betaed by [ profile] fiddleyoumust. I posted this about a week ago, flocked and unbetaed, but I guess Julia thought it was worth crossposting? So she whipped it into shape for me, and here you go. Adorable Brendon/Spencer Christmas fic.

lol, I fail at titles. It's a Christmas fic, so I stole it from a Christmas song, SO SUE ME. (Actually don't. I'm really poor.)

fa la la la la )

the end*

Now I need to muster up the energy to actually, like, crosspost it.

*and then they had sex.


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