May. 3rd, 2009

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Give Me a Moment
The story of two boys, sleepovers, crushes, one tiny gay crisis and lots of making out.
Jon/Brendon, high school au, r, 9442 words
Thanks to [ profile] ericaplease for the awesome beta job. This fic would probably suck without her telling me to fix things. Title stolen shamelessly from Charlotte Sometimes. Warning: underaged sort-of porn, non-famous family members, cuteness. The sleepover twitter happened, I went to write random sleepover makeouts, and this happened instead. Sorry.
I disclaim. This is not real. This never happened. This is all an illusion. If you're in this, I apologize.

amazondotjon @brendonuriesays my parents said it's cool if I spent the night! )

I'm sorry. /o\


my sweetest downfall

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