Dec. 9th, 2009

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well, it's been a year (that doesn't surprise me)
jon/ryan, pg, 4,342 words
college au. a story about second chances.
thanks to [ profile] ashlein for hand-holding. thanks to [ profile] ericaplease and [ profile] cmonkatiekatie for most excellent and speedy betas. (and [ profile] foxxcub for running the challenge!)
written for [ profile] lifeslushlips for the [ profile] drawn_to christmas exchange. i hope you like it. there is a distressing lack of porn (and angst), but at least it's a pairing you wanted? and an au! it's technically December 9th, and if I don't do this now, I'll forget before work tomorrow and I'll feel lazy after and it'll be a horrible cycle.
yes, i know, only i would steal a song title from a christmas song by wham. don't judge.

but the very next day )


my sweetest downfall

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