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commentary requested by [livejournal.com profile] ericaplease. the original fic is here. sometimes i like talking about myself, so, fic commentary.

some time at the end of april or beginning of may, jon tweeted brendon saying his parents said it was cool if he spent the night. I had actually forgotten all about that tweet until erica reminded me tonight. lol I remembered the fic, I'd just forgotten the inspiration~ for it. idk. basically, I saw that tweet and was like, omg hs sleepover au! it was going to be short and sweet. and then this happened.

amazondotjon @brendonuriesays my parents said it's cool if I spent the night! )

So that's the end of my commentary. I hope you enjoyed it. ...if you actually made it through. /o\ if you want to suffer through more, you can request it here


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