May. 9th, 2008

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Here To Make This Right
Brendon/Spencer (kind of)
1884; PG
Brendon's been down. Spencer just wants to make it better.
Warnings: shameless cute, panic v. brent wilson, brendon parent angst!
If you got here by googling your own name, what the hell are you doing reading fic? I mean, I guess I can't stop you, but really.
Thanks to [ profile] jewels667 and [ profile] prettygood for awesome betaing/feedback/general types of help.
Written for my Erica Sue on her birthday. I hope you like it. Sorry about the lame title, okay. I have The Cab stuck in my head, randomly

Then Brendon starts throwing things out of Brent's bunk and, yeah, okay, that's a little weird. )

I hope you like it, Erica! I have to go to work now.


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